Sediqa’s journey to independence

8 April 2024

Sediqa arrived in Australia in 2020, driven by a vision of independence and a better life for herself and her children. Recognising the importance language plays in navigating life in a new country, she wasted no time in immersing herself in English language learning initiatives. Sediqa also knew that obtaining her license would be important if she was to gain independence.

Sediqa eagerly joined the waitlist for the SMRC Driving Program. Knowing that her grasp of English was still developing, she also enrolled in the English for Driving Program to gain a better understanding of road rules and signs.

Despite the language barrier, Sediqa’s determination remained unwavering, and the English for Driving Program provided her with the essential guidance and confidence to navigate the roads effectively.

“This class was very interesting and helpful”, Seqiqa shared. “When you want to drive, you must understand the road rules. I gained my learner permit online, so I needed to know more about the road rules and signs, which I found in SMRC’s English for Driving class.”

Sedqia, an Afghan woman, is wearing a white hijab and smiling softly at the camera.

Sediqa commenced dedicated driving lessons as part of SMRC’s Driving Program. With perseverance and guidance, she successfully gained her probationary license, marking a significant milestone in her journey towards independence.

Today, Sediqa revels in her newfound freedom. With her driver’s license in hand, she can now navigate the roads with confidence, enabling her to undertake essential tasks independently. From attending more English classes to managing everyday errands and assisting her family, Sediqa’s newfound independence has transformed her life in Australia.

“I am independent now,” Sediqa says, “and going to more English Classes, shopping, helping my family and I am not waiting for others to do it for me. Thank you so much SMRC for this amazing program.”

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