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Supporting and empowering migrants and refugees since 1993 through delivery of settlement and community-based services that are innovative, inclusive and impactful.


Computer skills

The people at SMRC are kind and good. I am happy to be able to study and learn language. I have learnt a lot from them and really like the class and group, I have got a lot of information from the class. It has helped me feel comfortable and SMRC has welcomed me to my country. I have improved my English and computer skills and I am able to get help with my school/tafe work.

Feriba N.

Belong to a community and family

English classes and the teacher are very good, I can join an educational program that allows me to be part a community. The volunteers are very patient and do their best to explain things for us. The programs not only helped me to learn language but also improve my ability to communicate my daily need. I am able to go shopping, enjoy the daily conversation with people. I feel like a belong a community and family. I meet new people and I am able to enjoy daily life a lot more than before as I am able to communicate with others better than before. 

Husnia R.

Beginner English class

The program allows me to be part of a group. I like the teacher and volunteers as they are very helpful and understanding. They help me to learn English and start with the very basic information. The volunteers and teacher explain things very clear and helps me a lot. I am able to study and learn language and SMRC people has always encouraged and helped me to become more independent and learn. The program has helped me to communicate my daily needs. Now I can at least write my name and speak with others.

Dil Jan Q.

Efficient and thorough

Next Generation Services is a cleaning service that provides cleaning to aged care organizations. Our company values workers from migrant and refugee backgrounds so we contacted SMRC Employment Xchange to fill cleaning positions in aged care facilities.They were efficient and thorough in finding the right people for us who had the skills suited to our needs. We would highly recommend and use SMRC Employment Xchange again for future recruitment.

Jeff Jack, CEO

Tutor’s are great at explaining

They’re not giving you answers. They’re showing you how you do it, so next time you won’t be stuck on the same question. They’re so helpful that when I go to school I show off to my friend, ‘this is how you do it the easy way’ and they’re like that’s amazing and my friend gets impressed by it. I was a bit behind on Maths but after I came here, I started catching up. My last test I got was 87, such a difference.

Abdul F.

Volunteering makes a difference

When my husband was in the hospital I noticed how some patients had no one visiting them and I thought to myself, “I should do something for these people”. Even just five minutes of my time with them – I’m so happy that I cheer them up. Volunteering with SMRC makes a difference. You let them know that someone cares for them. Your time is precious to them.


ederlynn holding her white dog teddy. she is wearing a yellow beanie and blue jumper
Ederlynn C.

Service navigation support

I was given all the advice and help at that time when I didn’t know where to look. Whenever I call her, she never once turned me down or say I have no time, or I am busy. Godette was the one who guide me, advise me, even show me how to go into the computer and look for the care provider by comparing six or seven of them.

John L.

Beautiful experience

The carer group rang me and told me about what they do and invited me to their meetings. I love how there is an opportunity for to support the carer and give them breaks. It is a beautiful experience to meet other people and hear their stories and go on outings together. I feel more supported an clearer in my thinking. I have been able to go back to work as a teacher two days a week.

a woman standing in front of a bush, smiling
Nabila K.

I feel very special

I take this opportunity to thank you & all your helpers for the “FANTASTIC” very well organised DAY, the room was FILLED with LOVE, LAUGHTER, special attention extended to each and every one of us I look forward to these events because I FEEL VERY SPECIAL that someone is Caring & thinking of all of us so that we are not forgotten 😊 THANKS once again, HAVE A BLESSED DAY 🙏




We support and empower migrants and refugees through our delivery of programs and services that are innovative, inclusive and impactful.



Migrants and refugees are enabled to achieve their goals and aspirations.



Integrity l Compassion l Accountability l Respect l Excellence

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