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Support for Carers

The Support for Carers Program supports carers from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse  (CALD) communities by providing information, advice, breaks and other tailored services to assist them in their caring role.


The Support for Carers Program provides services for people who care for people with a disability, mental illness, or who require physical support. Our program allows carers to take time away to complete their personal day-to-day tasks. Our program is designed to give carers the time and support they need to maintain their own wellbeing in addition to the person they are caring for.

Services offered by the Support for Carers Program include:

  • short-term respite
  • counselling and life coaching
  • information to support carers
  • peer support meetings
  • social outings
  • regular workshops and seminars
  • individual support and assistance.

By supporting the carer relationship, the carer and care recipient are healthier, more relaxed, and more involved in making independent decisions. The Program also gives carers the chance to create long-term friendships with others in similar circumstances.

The Support for Carers Program supports carers on a regular basis through weekly, fortnightly, or monthly programs and services. Respite services can be provided for up to three months and include domestic assistance and personal care. Monthly workshops and seminars also provide a care-giver with the skills to manage daily interactions with their care-recipient.

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The Support for Carers program is funded by the Victorian Government through the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing.

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    Beautiful experience

    The carer group rang me and told me about what they do and invited me to their meetings. I love how there is an opportunity for to support the carer and give them breaks. It is a beautiful experience to meet other people and hear their stories and go on outings together. I feel more supported an clearer in my thinking. I have been able to go back to work as a teacher two days a week.

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    Nabila K.

    I feel very special

    I take this opportunity to thank you & all your helpers for the “FANTASTIC” very well organised DAY, the room was FILLED with LOVE, LAUGHTER, special attention extended to each and every one of us I look forward to these events because I FEEL VERY SPECIAL that someone is Caring & thinking of all of us so that we are not forgotten 😊 THANKS once again, HAVE A BLESSED DAY 🙏

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    Praise for staff

    I would really like to take this opportunity to praise your staff Nazira and Lara for calling me and pay me a welfare check. I have not been coming to the program for a while due to my caring commitments, but to know that someone out there was thinking about me make me feel so happy. Thank you so much, this program is fantastic.

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    Contact Person

    Zlatica B.

    Support for Carers Senior Coordinator
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