Harmony Week Celebrations for SMRC Volunteers

22 March 2024

Another fantastic SMRC Volunteers event is in the books! This time, to celebrate Harmony Week, the Volunteer Resource Management team pulled out all the stops and organised a delightful day of activities at the “Eat Meet Bowl” event at our local hotspot, the Dandenong Club. Their trusted instructor for the day was Michael, who shared his expertise and top tips on how to excel at lawn bowls.

The event kicked off with an air of excitement as volunteers gathered eagerly, ready to immerse themselves in the fun-filled day ahead. Michael’s guidance proved invaluable as he walked through the nuances of lawn bowling, ensuring that both seasoned players and newcomers alike could join in the festivities with confidence.

Participants filled the day with friendly competitions and lighthearted banter, echoing laughter across the green as they put their newfound skills to the test. It wasn’t just about winning, but about fostering a sense of connection and community among volunteers from diverse backgrounds.

The Volunteer Resource Management team made sure that everyone to well-feed and hydrated with a delicious spread that catered to all tastes. From hearty lunches to cool beverages and a delightful selection of tea, coffee, and cakes, there was something for everyone to enjoy, fueling both body and spirit throughout the day.

What truly made the event special, however, was the opportunity it provided for volunteers to connect and forge lasting friendships. Volunteers mingled over meals and shared experiences on the bowling green. Bonds were strengthened and stories were shared, embodying the true spirit of Harmony Week.

As the day drew to a close, there was a sense of fulfillment and friendship—a testament to the success of the event and the enduring bonds it had helped to nurture. With hearts full and memories made, volunteers departed with a sense of belonging and anticipation for the next opportunity to come together and celebrate.

Some feedback from the day:

Thanks Godette, Krishani, Samira and Monica for a wonderful day. It was a lot of fun, even better, our team won the lawn bowling. Nice pics and look forward to the next event xx


Thank you for the lovely morning with great company.


Thanks to Godette, Krishani, Samira and Monica for a very good day. Lunch was delicious. We learned something new today, it was a great day for me. Souria and I look forward to the next event


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Group of volunteers and instructor Michael smiling at the camera
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