Embrace Multicultural Mental Health Project

31 March 2023

SMRC has been engaged by Mental Health Australia to lead Phases 2 and 3 of the Embrace Multicultural Mental Health – CALD Community Engagement Project.

The Project aims to promote mental health awareness, build capacity and resilience, and decrease stigma through engaging with stakeholders from the Rohingya community in Melbourne. The project will incorporate co-design of a communications and engagement plan to implement a set of activities co-designed with the community through a series of engagement activities.

We are currently in Phase 2 of the project, comprising targeted community engagement utilising the CALD Community Engagement Plan developed by SMRC’s project team.

During this phase, SMRC is consulting and engaging with the Rohingya community and community leaders to identify key mental health issues. This is delivered through semi-structured focus groups with community members, and stakeholder interviews with bicultural workers, relevant community organisations, and community leaders in Springvale and Pakenham. The project team, which includes Rohingya Bicultural Workers, successfully delivered the first milestone report; the CALD Community Engagement Plan.

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