Celebrating National Volunteers Week at SkyHigh Mount Dandenong

24 May 2024

The Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre (SMRC) celebrated National Volunteers Week with a heartfelt event at SkyHigh Mount Dandenong, paying tribute to the dedicated volunteers who are crucial to the success of its programs. The day featured enriching speeches, a delightful lunch, scenic garden explorations, and breathtaking views.

During the event, SMRC CEO Rakesh Sharma delivered a speech recognizing the hard work and dedication of the volunteers. “Our volunteers are vital to our community services, and today is about celebrating your selfless efforts that allow SMRC to empower and support more people every day,” said Rakesh.

Rakesh delivering a speech to room full of volunteers

Voices of Our Volunteers

Volunteer Sally expressed her enjoyment of the day, noting, “The lunch was fantastic and well organized. The speeches from the other volunteers were really inspiring.” Similarly, Charmaine thanked the SMRC team for the organization of the event and the thoughtful individual gifts and photos provided, adding, “Thank you for the well-organized volunteers outing and the opportunity to connect with our colleagues.”

Ms. Min Zeng reflected on her experience, “Thank you for inviting me to attend the national volunteer celebrations. I had a wonderful time and felt good, happy, and truly appreciated.”

Karima Nasimi highlighted what sets SMRC apart: “Although I volunteer for other organisations, we don’t get treated as amazingly as SMRC does. SMRC organizes volunteers’ gatherings every two months. I really enjoyed the outing at SkyHigh Mount Dandenong for National Volunteers Week. Making volunteers happy and feeling appreciated is the best thing for me, SMRC is top quality!”

Leadership Transition

The day also marked a moment of transition, with volunteers warmly welcoming Nicola Bull as she succeeds Sylvia Wan as Senior Manager of Aged Care and Carer Services. Both leaders expressed their gratitude and outlined their vision for the continued support and appreciation of SMRC volunteers.

Looking Forward

The event exemplified the joy and camaraderie among volunteers and staff, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to its values of compassion, respect, and excellence. SMRC continues to welcome community members who wish to make a difference by volunteering, supporting its mission to empower migrants and refugees through innovative and impactful programs.

SMRC volunteers and staff smiling for a group photo

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