Evi, Ukraine

28 September 2022

Ievgeniia – or Evi as her friends call her – is passionate about using her connection to several cultures to bring happiness to others. Originally from Ukraine, she has been living in Australia for almost 10 years after living in Greece following her marriage. “Because it was the second time, I moved from another country, so I came, and I was already prepared.”

Her resilience to new environments pushed her to make friends and seek a career in an Aged Care facility right next door to her house. Years later, it was a social media interaction with SMRC where “[she] saw some Facebook posts, and then I started following, and then I found the course for bicultural workers.”

After completing her Introduction to Bicultural Language Work course, Evi successfully interviewed and was onboarded as an SMRC bicultural worker with the Enliven CALD Communities Taskforce.

“I met a lot of people from different cultural backgrounds and learn some new stuff from them. And I heard a lot of stories, which is sometimes heartbroken. But I’m still unfamiliar to [some] culture. But that’s why you’re learning some new culture for you and then it’s better for connection.”

Evi continues to draw from her connection to culture. “Community Services is a bit more about communication. And it’s like, you’re supporting people who [are] left a bit behind because of some language barrier, especially people who just came, or elderly ones. So, you’re just helping them to be updated with all information.” Evi’s goal in life is to go with the flow. “It’s a little bit odd because my country, I’m from Ukraine, it’s a war there. So, part of my soul and I’m here, but mentally I’m there. With family. I’m just going day-by-day.”

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