Seniors health at the forefront for Aged Care Volunteers

2 February 2024

Taking care of yourself by being empowered with information is top priority for Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre (SMRC) in supporting our volunteers. Last week, Dr YanPing, Health Educator from Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health provided a Seniors Health information session to 34 SMRC Aged Care volunteers. Through a range of videos, hand-outs, tips and examples, she discussed COVID19, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis and maintain positive mental and physical health. Dr. Yanping was extremely charismatic and engaging with the participants. She handled tricky questions well and always informed participants of their options, empowering the group with information to feel at ease in making their own health decisions and being aware for the clients they visit. As always, the session ended with a light lunch at our favourite Fresh and Tasty Cafe in Dandenong Square.

Monthly volunteers events such as information sessions, outings and lunch are just one of the ways our Volunteer Resource Management team keep our over 130 volunteers feeling valued and appreciated. Being a SMRC volunteer provides a unique platform to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. You’ll have the chance to forge meaningful relationships with fellow volunteers, community members, and those you serve.

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Feedback from volunteers who attended:

It was a very good informative and educational session.


I find it really interesting and helpful.  It’s important to know all the symptoms of dementia as most of our care recipients are experiencing cognitive decline.  I am now encouraging my family and friends in community to get vaccination


I enjoyed the mental health course as it was very informative and important.  I hope we will have another opportunity to undertake further courses. Thank you.


Thanks for that Information Session. Very well presented and Dr Yanping was a real inspiration. So much energy and very helpful with the questions I asked her at lunch.

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