Supporting quality of life: Preet’s journey with Diverse Care

11 April 2024

The Diverse Care team received a referral from an external provider for Preet*, a four-limb amputee seeking Personal Care Services.

Preet’s family had struggled to secure a provider willing to assist with services for her due to the hospital deeming Preet high risk due to a suspected infectious condition. Wanting to better understand the situation and Preet’s unique needs and wants, the Diverse Care team conducted an in-home risk assessment to better understand Preet’s situation and to assess suitability of services both for the Diverse Care Worker and Preet.

The Diverse Care team took care to ensure precautionary measures were in place before completing an In-home Risk Assessment.

Upon arrival, they confirmed Preet’s need for more services than initially requested and her clearance from her infectious condition.

Preet’s family members were advocating for her to be as independent as possible in tasks such as showering and eating, ensuring that her dignity and quality of life were front of mind. As Preet’s carers, they were also requiring support services for themselves due to the high care needs they had been attending to as a family unit.

Transformative wrap-around support

Preet was able to self-propel onto a sliding board for showering and was able to self-feed with the use of a specially designed tool.

Understanding the situation and determining the required specialised supports and services is important to ensure the appropriate support that will allow a client to maintain their independence.

Diverse Care was able to provide a range of personal care and respite support four times a week for Preet and her family, with language and cultural needs met via a language-specific worker.

The team was also able to link Preet’s son (her main caregiver) in with SMRC’s Support for Carers Program.

This means that Preet’s son will have access to support services, which includes guidance for registering for Centrelink’s Carer’s payment and timely access to My Aged Care Home Care Packages.

The Diverse Care team was elated to be able to provide all-encompassing support that addresses Preet’s needs in a culturally and linguistically appropriate way.

Preet is now able to receive in-home care that is suitable to her unique needs, ensures the maintenance of dignity and is supportive of her independence.

*not client’s real name or image.

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