Empowering our diverse communities to ensure inclusion in a unified Australian society.

Our Values

Diversity – We recognise and promote diversity to enrich and strengthen communities towards eliminating discrimination.

Respect – We respect the individuals and communities with whom we work, valuing their rights, strengths, opinions and experience.

Empowerment – We work towards the empowerment of individuals and communities to realise their full potential and achieve their own aspirations.

Resilience – We aim to achieve sustained ability to use our human, physical and financial resources to ensure that the organisation is responsive, adaptable and sustainable.

Integrity – We will act with integrity, honesty, be thoughtful and compassionate, in everything we do.

Inclusion – We will create an inclusive environment that fosters creativity and innovation and promotes participation for all.

Our Strategic Plan

Objectives and strategies

  • Ensure our services meet the holistic needs of our clients and community.
    • codesign services with our clients and community to meet their needs and expectations.
    • increase access and reach of services for our clients and community
    • Ensure empowerment and protection of human rights of our clients
  • Develop progressive programs building on the existing skills and knowledge.
    • Enhance the quality and extent of the services through partnership.
    • Share our expertise with other services to increase their understanding of the needs of our clients.
    • Progress Diverse Care™ to meet emerging needs in the community
  • Develop a sustainable organisation that is effective and efficient.
    • Ensure all the services delivered are researched, planned, implemented and evaluated.
    • Develop appropriate infrastructure to support the organisation.
    • Develop a comprehensive funding and financial sustainability framework.
  • Undertake continuous innovation and quality improvement.
    • Develop skills, knowledge and resources to build on the capacity of SMRC and its people.
    • Develop evidence based practice focusing on the community needs.
    • Ensure robust organisational structure and progressive operational processes.

    View and download our Strategic Plan 2018-2021

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