Youth P.O.D Project

Youth P.O.D Project (Participation, Opportunities and Development)

Partners with secondary schools to enhance the status and wellbeing of young people from CALD backgrounds by building the skills, knowledge and connectedness of secondary school students in the Cities of Greater Dandenong and Casey to their communities.

This is achieved by hands-on, interactive and fun workshops educating young people in school on topics such as careers, communication skills, harmony, awareness of community resources, and goal setting. We aim to create cohesive schools by offering workshops that decrease racism and improve the transition of newly arrived young people into mainstream schools through youth learning techniques that are welcoming and create harmony. As well as the workshops, young people and mentors will also develop community projects to learn, engage and volunteer in their community in a supportive environment. Youth POD is supported by the Victorian Government.

For information on current programs not affected by COVID 19 please contact Crystal Naismith email:

Contact Person:

Crystal Naismith
Social Cohesion Projects
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