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Working for Victoria – Jobseekers

Working for Victoria

The $500 million Working for Victoria initiative helps Victorians, including people who have lost their jobs due to the economic impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19), find new work opportunities. Some of these roles will provide vital contributions to our state’s response to the pandemic. This site supports Victorians getting back into work as quickly as possible. CLICK HERE

If you are a jobseeker in Victoria you are invited to register your details on the Working for Victoria site to access new work opportunities.

Eligible workers can apply their skills to new roles or take up training opportunities for specific roles. At the same time, organisations and employers looking for workers can find experienced and screened staff who are ready to work.

The Working for Victoria initiative is part of the Victorian Government’s $1.7 billion Economic Survival Package. It is designed to connect workers with new opportunities that will help our community and contribute to Victoria’s ability to respond to the pandemic.

CLICK HERE to get some invaluable information and includes:

Am I eligible?

If you have Australian working rights you are eligible to participate.

How do I apply?

The Victorian Government has partnered with Sidekicker to match potential applicants with work aligned to their skills and experience.

Frequently asked questions

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