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SMRC says NO to family violence

SMRC  has been involved in White Ribbon since 2018 when we began the journey to become Workplace Accredited.

This White Ribbon Day we continue our support of this important community message by participating in the virtual walk on Friday 20th November. SMRC Chair Ahmad Samadi and acting CEO Brian Oates joined other local community representatives such as Minister for Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams, in the Star Journal, to spread the word that Family Violence is wrong.

The National Plan’s vision is an Australia free from all forms of violence and abuse against women and children. This is every woman’s and child’s right and everyone’s responsibility.

White Ribbon is a global movement that focuses on making personal and community change to prevent violence against women and children.

White Ribbon Australia understands the complexities that drive enforced gendered violence, structural inequalities, affirm attitudes and behaviours that enable violence against women.

For more information or to get involved in White Ribbon Australia visit HERE. 


There are pathways for men to change their behaviour. There are a number of services that provide men with support to address family violence behaviour, these include:

1300 789 978


Mens Referral Service
1300 766 491


0415 486 605
If you are unsure betterman.org.au provides a reflective opportunity to consider things.




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