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SMRC celebrates Silver Jubilee

Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre (SMRC) began a full calendar year of events with an exciting OPEN DAY on Tuesday, 20th February, in celebration of 25 years of making stronger communities.

A first for SMRC, new CEO, Ramesh Kumar, says “our Silver Jubilee celebration is a celebration for the entire community”.

“We intend to host a range events throughout the year that will showcase what we do, why we do it and for whom we do it for. “

OPEN DAY 2018 was held on Tuesday, 20th February with Mayor Youhorn Chea opening the Silver Jubilee with a reflection of his own personal journey from Cambodia and his message that with strength and determination you can achieve your dreams. By taking advantage of the many opportunities out there from organisations like SMRC , your journey to engagement and empowerment is possible.

OPEN DAY 2018 was attended by over 120 of the local community. Attendees engaged in Q&A session with Settlement experts, heard up close and personal stories from SMRC clients and participated in workshops that showcase key services available at the organisation such as:

  • Carer services
  • Community Engagement through social clubs
  • Pathways to further education & employment
  • Social connections in the Learning Space
  • Hippy (Home Interaction Program for parents & Youngsters)

“At SMRC, we look forward to a fabulous future in providing services that will connect and empower our community so they feel both confident and welcomed in making Australia their home”, said Mr Kumar.

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