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SMRC settles into new year with SETS services

The Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre (SMRC) is thrilled to announce our commencement of the Settlement Engagement Transition Support (SETS) grant – Client Services stream.

SMRC has been a leader in providing settlement services in the south east of Melbourne for the past 25 years and we look forward to continuing our work with humanitarian entrants and other vulnerable migrants in their first five years in Australia.

Commencing on January 2019 until 30th June 2022, SMRC will be delivering intake services and low to medium intensity casework across three sites – from 39 Clow St Dandenong, Selandra Rise in Clyde North Casey and the Living and Learning Centre in Pakenham.

SMRC ‘Learning Space’ provides SETS clients an opportunity for SETS clients opportunities for social and economic participation.  SMRC Learning Space will operate across three sites with the aim of assisting clients develop sustainable relationships with others, learn new skills that may lead their economic independence through our existing and proposed microenterprises.

We will be developing a Goal Directed Settlement Plan with our clients using a strengths-based approach.  This process will ask questions such as: What are the life skills that they require?   What are their goals and aspirations in their new country of residence etc.

We will be codesigning a life-skills settlement kit with our clients that will guide them in their settlement journey and be working with our clients to enable them to achieve success across the nine national settlement standards.

Staying relevant and proactive, we will be consulting with our client communities regularly to find out their current and emerging needs and assist them to meet their needs.

“SMRC is very happy and grateful to be provided with this opportunity to continue assisting our settlement clients to integrate in their host community and be active participants in the society” says Mr Ramesh Kumar, SMRC CEO.

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