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Harmony Happiness

HARMONY HAPPINESS, in recognition of Harmony Day.

Known as the world market, Dandenong Market is a 153 year old traditional working market [and]… everyone from around the world feels at home here, and you will too, it’s like strolling around a souk or meandering through a hawkers market: the market is alive with the hustle and bustle of shoppers, spruiking market traders and the irresistible scents of Melbourne’s best street food”…did you know “48% of Market visitors speak a language other than English at home.” Dandenong Market 2020.

In addition to this regular splendid spectacle, held over 4 nights throughout January, it temporarily changed its beat, and hosted a night food market, with music, entertainment and a buzzing atmosphere. Over these 4 nights, the Southern Migrant & Refugee Centre hosted a stall with a variety of activities, information and outreach.

One of these activities included our second annual ‘Harmony Portraits Project’ where over 100 people from all over the world drew a self portrait or a portrait of their accompanying loved one’s: drawing and engaging and soaking up the market atmosphere.

These images were compiled to create this beautiful masterpiece, that we are thrilled to unveil for Cultural Diversity Week, which we are gifting to Dandenong Market management as recognition of their continued support of SMRC.

Not only did it bring people together, it fostered positive self-reflection and appreciation and created some great conversations and deep connections between family and friends; it allowed fathers and sons to look into each other’s eyes while drawing, its created laughter on a couples first date and united many through diversity ..it also allowed us at SMRC to share the work we do in the community, as we chatted about many of our program, services and volunteer opportunities, while at the Market.

Let’s continue to appreciate and celebrate harmony and cultural diversity by viewing this creation, created by over 100 different community members; all unique and all valued and appreciated.

And finally, its your turn..

While at home, how about:

  • drawing your own self portrait
  • draw a portrait of someone you live with or
  • spend time with someone online by drawing each other’s portraits while chatting online ….there are many ways to connect and catch up with someone!

…. You can even post a photo (in the comments section) of your drawing or email us to contribute to our next art piece; stay tuned for more details!

For more information any on our Harmony Projects or to contribute to the next portrait compilation email Crystal: crystaln@smrc.org.au ‘

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