Wudad Salim migrated to Australia from Ethiopia in 1992.

Currently she is a chair person of Endeavour CERC common equity housing, is working in the Population Health team Monash Health Community and AAMEYS innovative project worker.  Wudad has dedicated her career to social inclusion and community capacity building in areas including:

  • Community health
  • Family & Reproductive Rights Education Program (FERREP) a
  •  Common Equity Housing Ltd (CEHL)
  • Cancer Council Victoria, cancer  prevention screening test for women,
  • Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA) conference
  • Young African Connection.
  • Advocating for the cessation of Female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM)
  • Founder African Australian Women’s Health Advisory Group (AAWHAG)

Wudad facilitated the tradition in transition film by RMIT university social studies department. She was one of the 80 community leaders whom are consulted in FGM national summit by the Gillard government. Wudad participated in developing best practice charter developed by “Our voice” project in Sydney. She was on national news advocating for migrant women pressing for equal opportunity for migrant women around employment. Wudad would like to be remembered as a person who always see the good in people and human right advocate. Her values are egalitarian, liberty and individuals have the right to persuading happiness, and every society have the responsibility to provide extra for the disadvantaged groups of the society. Wudad is the initiator of African Australian Women’s Health Advisory Group (AAWHAG).