Sachintha and Steve

Home is where I have opportunity.

Sachintha’s journey from Sri Lanka to Australia was driven by the promise of a better life for himself and his family.

Hearing positive stories from friends who had already migrated, Sachintha and his wife decided to seize the opportunity and apply for permanent residency in Australia.

While they knew that life would be good in Australia, he still had some concerns.

“Will I be able to find a job here before I run out of money, will we fit in? Will I be able to find a place to live. Will it be challenging to find a school for the kids?”

Home is understanding.

Having obtained the skills and education that qualified Sachintha to apply for permanent residence in Australia, he and his wife decided to make the move. With his skills listed on the priority list, their permanent residency came through within months and he and his wife moved to Australia permanently with their two young daughters 13 years ago.

Upon arriving, Sachintha was pleasantly surprised by how organized and supportive the structures were for new migrants.

This support was crucial in helping him and his family adjust to their new environment and build a new home.

For Sachintha, finding home meant more than just a place to live. It was about feeling secure and supported in a new country.

He joined the Southern Migrant and Refugee Centre’s Skilled Migrant Program where he met Sharon and her team.

“I met Sharon here, and she was assigned my case officer. She and the team at SMRC gave me training on how to write resumes, how to face interviews.”

These training sessions went beyond professional skills; they included understanding everyday social interactions.

“Some things are simple, such as interacting with people in daily life, for example, here when you go to a cashier. When you hand over money, you say thank you as well as them saying thank you back.”


Home is where I have connection.

Sachintha was also connected to Steve. Steve owns an IT business called Envision IT. A migrant himself, Steve had earlier joined the Skilled Migrant Program as a workplace provider where program participants would be offered a placement upon successful completion of their studies.

Sachintha met with Steve, was interviewed and was accepted into the placement program. Having successfully completed the program, he was then offered a job, his first job in Australia.

Sachintha worked at Envision IT for the following four years. He says the opportunity was invaluable as it provided the local experience that all the jobs he’d tried to get when he first arrived were after.

Sachintha and his family have since built a life where they feel truly at home, surrounded by a supportive community.

“I think we have met our expectations and more.”


Home is support.

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