Rahmat and Samira

Home is where I am safe.

Rahmat’s journey to Australia was driven by the pursuit of safety and a brighter future than the one he was facing growing up in a country where daily life was fraught with safety concerns.

“The stresses are a bit different. It’s more safety concerns. You don’t worry as much about studying homework as much as you worry about making it to the next day and having to worry whether or not you’re going to have food for the next day.”

For Rahmat’s parents, the priority was clear: they wanted their children to grow up in a place where they could receive a good education and live without constant fear.

“My parents, they wanted their children to grow up with a proper education, to expect their child to come back home from school once they go to school.”

Home is where my future is secure.

Rahmat’s father travelled to Australia before the rest of the family. Whenever Rahmat spoke by phone to his father, he would ask different questions about Australia. His father’s response was always the same. He’d smile and simply say, “It’s better here than there”.

“I wouldn’t believe him,” Rahmat says. “The place I grew up in, it was familiar. I knew it. But he would always say, ‘you will like it here. You can do whatever you want here.’ And I couldn’t believe it.”

He describes Australia as ‘unexpected’.

“I didn’t know a lot about Australia, I just knew it’s a safer place. That’s all I knew. And that’s all that was enough, really.”

Finding home in Australia meant finding safety and the opportunity to thrive. Rahmat first connected with SMRC in high school when he needed help with homework and learning English.

“I had very little English. So I started seeking help and I got acquainted to SMRC and that’s how I got to know them. And I’m still connected to them to this day.”

Through the support of SMRC, Rahmat was able to overcome language barriers and succeed in his studies, laying the foundation for a promising future.

Rahmat smiles at the camera, artwork behind

Home is where dreams can be achieved.

“It was safer. And I could study. I’m doing a double degree. My own sister is captain of her high school. I’m really proud of her. For a girl who wasn’t allowed to be educated, to become captain of her school is quite an achievement. We’ve been able to achieve what my parents and ancestors only dreamed of.”

He’s learned a lot over his journey. He’s built resilience, which he describes as the ability to come back from every challenge.

Samira was one of the first SMRC Homework Club Coordinators who welcomed Rahmat. Samira was inspired by Rahmat’s dedication and hard work, spending time outside his school time to improve his English. His keen leadership skills and connection to SMRC means he continues to pop into the Homework Club to encourage the students still studying there.

Rahmat’s story is one of enduring hope for a better future. “Hope and freedom, it has always been a theme in my life. And it will always be a theme in my life for me to always hope for the better future and for me to always have the freedom to pursue that which I want.”

For Rahmat, finding home wasn’t just about escaping danger; it was about achieving the freedom to dream and achieve.

Home is support.

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