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Successful early-learning program to start earlier

HIPPY, the Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters, which is a transformative early learning and parenting program, is extending to a HIPPY Age 3. In 2020, SMRC has been chosen as one of nine HIPPY communities that will participate in a one-year HIPPY Age 3 Demonstration project.

“SMRC is thrilled to have been provided this opportunity to participate in this expansion project to Age 3 early childhood development”, said Mr Ramesh Kumar, CEO SMRC. “We are enormously proud to have been working alongside the Brotherhood of St Laurence since 2011 as an Age 4 and 5 HIPPY program provider and feel incredibly proud to have been chosen to participate in this one – year demonstration project” said Mr Kumar.

“We are confident this early start to age 3 education will be again prove a great success in strengthening a child’s sense of well-being and promote their cognitive, social and emotional development while their parents gain a positive, practical way to increase their skills and confidence as their child’s most important educator” he said.

HIPPY is supported by rigorous research that shows that children’s most powerful learning comes from their family, and that getting a strong start at school sets children up for life.

SMRC HIPPY programs will commence in the new year and we encourage any interested family wishing to find out more to contact our Program Coordinator Tatjana Krneta.

For more information about HIPPY, see the website at http://www.hippyaustralia.org.au

For parent enquiries about HIPPY Dandenong, see our website at https://smrc.org.au/hippy-program/

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