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Keeping up your physical health during COVID-19

There are so many important reasons to stay active at this time:

•    Exercise can help strengthen our immune system which is of great importance during this pandemic.
•    Exercise decreases stress and anxiety which is crucial to all of us at a time when we are facing great uncertainty and change.
•    Exercise can help you sleep better, leaving you feeling better rested and more energised.
•    Exercise can help reduce your risk of chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
•    Exercise can help you manage your weight which is important when our incidental activity is decreasing.

So, we know that we should be active but how do we keep fit and strong while following the advice to stay at home?

With a little creativity and the help of technology you can keep active even when it’s raining or if you live in a tiny studio apartment. All you need is a little floor space and to think outside the square. You can dance, do yoga, do some living room cardio, use milk cartons or rice sacks for weights and climb stairs. And let’s not forget that gardening and vigorous cleaning gets us huffing and puffing too.

We recommend creating a routine – reminders in your diary can also help to keep you on track – and try to be active on most (preferably all) days every week.

The Life! program is running a FREE webinar on the best ways to keep active during this pandemic.  
Date: Thursday 9 April
Time: 1pm- 1.45pm
Please register here
We look forward to seeing you! If you cannot attend on the date and time specified, please register your interest using the link above, and we will follow up with some additional information.

In the meantime, here are some links to get you going.

•    ESSA’s ‘Exercise Right’ program has heaps of videos ranging from desk and  core workouts to a hungry hungry hippos game for the kids:

•    Active April’s Get Active Workout videos and activity timer are a simple way to move and track your activity:

•    Fitness Australia wants you to keep moving and they have gathered plenty of resources here to do just that:

•    Got a resistance band? These exercises will help you stay strong at home:

•    Cardio lovers can get their blood pumping with an in-home cardio workout:

•    Nike has a range of free workouts including Nike Running club and Nike Training Club 

•    Relaxation is just as important to your physical health – try this relaxing breathing exercise here: 

Article produced by : LIFE! Program

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