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SMRC Diverse Bicultural Worker

SMRC Diverse Bicultural Worker

Provide a quality bicultural service to SMRC, local organisations, municipalities, and businesses. The bicultural workers will provide bicultural support to a range of positions, including, but not limited to, project work, information sessions, and administration work. They may also be trained to assist in the delivery of SMRC Cultural Insights program.

Bicultural Workers utilise their strengths and skills, to provide cultural bridging, and advocacy, between the source and target cultures. They may also be required to work in conjunction with community to co-design projects. Bicultural workers are expected to work from a strengths based, trauma informed perspective, and to have an intercultural perspective, and ability to work across cultures.

As a bicultural worker, candidates will be expected to work independently as required.


Application process

Please read the Position Description attached: PD SMRC Diverse Bicultural Worker

(1) download this Application Form – SMRC Diverse Bicultural Worker

(2) save it as a Word document

(3) fill in the details and

(4) email the completed form to diverseenterprises@smrc.org.au


For more information, please contact Liz Currie on either of the details below.

Ph: 0413 106 077

Email: LizC@smrc.org.au

Thank you for your consideration and support of SMRC.

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