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Applying for a job at SMRC

  • Download the position description from our website www.smrc.org.au
  • Apply by the due date
  • Write a covering letter
  • Include a current resume
  • Write a paragraph for each selection criteria (see below)
  • Send your application to recruitment@smrc.org.au

If you are not clear about any aspects of the job, please speak to the contact person whose name and phone number are in the position description

Selection Criteria

For every job vacancy at SMRC, we ask people to explain in writing why they are suitable. This explanation comes under the heading Selection Criteria.

There are several parts to the selection criteria: personal qualities, skills, abilities, knowledge and qualifications that a person needs to perform the job.

This is an essential part of your application, which helps the selection panel to identify the right person for the job.

Selection criteria sample # 1: Must have excellent written communication skills

Here is where you explain about your experience writing reports, minutes, case notes or articles

Sample response:

‘In my previous position as a community worker, I was required to write monthly reports to my team leader. In this document I would report on my month’s activities and mention any issues I was facing. I also had to write case notes on a daily basis to record client information and actions I took to meet their needs.’

Selection criteria sample # 2: Demonstrated computer skills

Here you can include examples of your experience in using computer applications

Sample response:

‘When I worked at … (company or agency), I used … database and … software. In my last job at … I used computers daily to do…’ ‘I also completed a course in … at…’

Selection criteria sample # 3: Ability to work as part of a team

Here you can include examples of your teamwork experience and how you contributed

Sample response:
‘At … (company or agency), I was a member of the … team. We met monthly to share information and plan activities together. I contributed by … In my experience, teams work well when team members respect one another and help one another during busy periods.’

There can be up to 6 or 7 selection criteria. You should write at least a paragraph on each one.

Recommendations for answering Selection Criteria:

  • Use positive and clear language
  • Use grammar and spell checker when typing
  • Proof read your application
  • Be honest about your experience and qualifications
  • Answer all of the selection criteria
  • Include the names and phone numbers of 2 recent referees
  • We prefer referees who have supervised you in a job
  • Make sure you ask your referees if they are willing to be referees
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