Community Visitors Scheme
The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is a free volunteer visiting program. CVS provides companionship and friendship to clients who are socially isolated or are at risk of social isolation or loneliness.

CVS Volunteer Visitors will regularly visit a client they are matched with at least one (1) hour; once a fortnight; to do safe activities like chat in common language, share cultural stories, read books or magazines, play games of cards or dominos, listen to music or take a walk if client is able.

Visits can be ‘group visits’ in aged care homes and ‘one-on-one visits’ to home care package recipients and also if a client has been assessed as eligible and waiting for a home care package.

Any client who meets the criteria, whose quality of life could be improved by the companionship of a regular community visitor can be referred to the CVS by:

  • their aged care provider
  • a family member
  • friend or
  • self-referral

All our volunteers have a current police check and a Working With Children check. Our volunteers have received induction training and continue to receive support and training on a regular basis.

Contact Person:

Godette McGregor
Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) Coordinator
(03) 9767 1929
0408 015 128