The SMRC Chay Khana program is designed to tackle mental health in Afghan Men. Through this program we aim to provide more insight to health care providers about mental health and other issues within specific communities.

Chay Khana is a well-known Afghan mens gathering. Men attending this program will discuss different matters within the community, such as:

  • Helping someone in need; financially and emotionally
  • Discuss needs of the community
  • Discussing happy and sad events
  • Assist each other in finding a job
  • Invite community leaders for talks: even politicians
  • Community marriages and other celebrations would also be discussed

We aim to make Chay Khana a safe space for Afghan men to speak about their issues and challenges so we can help them to find relevant support.

There are a large number of Afghan men on Bridging or SHEV Visa’s who are being punished for seeking asylum. These men are not allowed family re-unification or even allowed to visit their families back home. These men often isolate themselves as they struggle to find common cultural connection.

Chay Khana provides a safe space for these men. Sessions take place on Saturdays at 3:00pm and run for two hours. It is an introductory program that allows Afghan men to create a community environment that generates enthusiasm so they can participate in other culturally appropriate activities and programs being offered in the community.

If you know any Afghan men or any community organisations working with Afghan men, please share the flyers linked below.

Chay Khana Program (English)

Chay Khana Program (Dari)

The program starts this coming Saturday 12th March, 3pm to 5 pm at SMRC.

If you would like to learn more, or get in contact with our program coordinators, please contact either Maryam or Anwar.

    1. Maryam Mohammad:
    2. Anwar Afzali:; 0408 327 192