Learn and Grow

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Learn and Grow

The Learn and Grow Program offers a series of workshops and information sessions designed to empower women through developing their knowledge of important support services and life skills. The Program includes English classes to develop women’s literacy.


The information sessions involve presentations from different support services internal and external to SMRC, to provide updated information and assist women in making informed decisions when accessing services.

Key benefits of the Learn and Grow Program include:

  • promoting independence and agency
  • easy access to support services
  • promoting community connection and developing friendships
  • developing language and literacy skills
  • easier access to employment and employment services
  • identifying the needs of women and resolving those needs through referrals

The Learn and Grow Program encourages women to reach out to support services and empowers them to become more independent. The program promotes language skills as well as developing connection with the greater community.

The program involves weekly English classes and information sessions. The program runs over a ten-week term on Thursdays from 9.30 am – 1.30 pm. The information sessions involve presentations from a variety of local service providers.

The Learn and Grow Program is funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Social Services under the Settlement Engagement and Transition Support Program.

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    Contact Person

    Najma A.

    Admin Support and Bilingual Worker

    P: (03) 9767 1900


    Malahat K.

    Settlement Case Worker

    P: (03) 9767 1900